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Have you thought that light can be made as a gift? Make a unique neon light by yourself and give it to your beloved!



Individual Workshop

✜ Minimum of 2 people
✜ We provide the space for class    

Suitable for couples or friends and make your own neon lights.


Group Workshop

✜ Minimum of 10 people
✜ We provide the space for class ( Maximum of 20 people)
✜ We can also go to the desired event

Groups, institutions, companies and other business customers are welcome to contact us to discuss any cooperation opportunities.

✜ Customer works l Bottom plateNeon lights✜ 


✜ Custom base case Bottom plateNeon lights✜ 

​The bottom plate can be customized and designed according to the theme of the event to effectively promote the brand. (additional quotation required)

✜ Special base plate Bottom plateNeon lights✜ 


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