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LED neon light signs are more durable than traditional glass neon signs with simple installation, which is available for self-installation. Our products are mainly used as background boards or wall hangings, generally in large custom-made size, with thick and bright light tubes, which can also be configured to different voltages.

✜ Events/Exhibitions

✜ Store decorations/Signages

✜ Wedding decorations/ Proposal light boards

Made to order

Welcome to send us your own designs, we can produce the neon sign according to the file provided, with making technical suggestions on the size and the mounting method of your custom signs.

We can turn your idea into a unique customized neon sign based on your requirements.

Design Service

We provide specialist installation service for different situations.

Installation Service

✜ 活動 / 展覽 案例款式 ✜
✜ 招牌 / 店鋪裝飾 / 辦事室裝飾 案例款式 ✜

✜ 活動 / 展覽 案例款式 ✜ 

✜ 招牌 / 店鋪裝飾 / 辦公室裝飾 案例款式 ✜ 

✜ 廣告 / 拍攝 案例款式 ✜

✜ 廣告 / 拍攝  案例款式 ✜ 

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