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Terms and conditions

1. General terms:

  • Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using the services of Amazing Neon (AMARE LIMITED) (seller). If you use any of our services or order any products, you agree that you have read these terms and conditions and agree to abide by the following terms and conditions.

2. Order and payment:

2.1. Quotation

  • Our quotation is valid within 7 days from the date of quotation. After 7 days, the price may be adjusted due to cost or other factors.

  • Our store reserves the right to change the displayed price at any time. If any changes are made, our store will contact you before confirming the order.

  • The price of this store is too low due to an error, the store reserves the right to correct the price. Our shop will notify you before confirming the order so that you can decide whether to order the goods at that price.

2.2. Order

  • All products are in Hong Kong dollars as the checkout currency unit.

  • When you order merchandise, all the handling fees or related expenses incurred by the relevant bank or third party for processing payments shall be borne by you.

  • Before processing the order, the shop must receive your deposit or full payment for the goods. Placing an order means that you agree to all the terms contained in the order.

2.3. Purchase goods

  • All product prices and discounts are based on the information currently provided by our store.

  • Ordered products are all brand new, and the normal production time is 10-14 days, except for urgent orders or bulk orders. All production times provided are estimates, and our shop cannot guarantee the exact delivery date. Our shop is not responsible for any losses caused by delays in production or delivery.

  • After you place an order, the production phase will start immediately and the order cannot be cancelled. This shop does not accept returns and refunds.

  • Before the store receives full payment, the ownership of the goods will belong to the store. This shop reserves the right to sell any rejected goods.

2.4. Product quality

  • All the designs of our shop are made by local designers. Our shop can provide the design content of neon sign patterns for preview purposes according to your requirements. If you need additional vector files or other design content, our shop will charge extra.

  • The products in our shop are produced in domestic factories, and the quality meets the standards after multi-level monitoring and inspection.

  • All the neon signs in our shop (including LED neon signs and EL neon signs) are made by hand. There may be traces or scratches of glue or waterproof material on the acrylic base plate. These marks are not a defect of the product and will not Affect the use of goods, this shop does not accept returns, exchanges and refunds. You need to understand and accept the possibility of this situation when placing an order.

  • Because the light strip is flexible and thick, when making neon signs, the production staff will make appropriate adjustments according to the size or content of the lights. The finished product and the design drawing will not be 100% the same. You need to understand and understand when placing an order. The possibility of accepting this situation.

  • The color displayed on the screen of a computer or phone may vary due to resolution and environmental factors. The pictures and design drawings of the product are for reference only, and the actual product shall prevail.

  • Rental goods will have a certain degree of natural wear and tear, and you need to understand and accept the possibility of this situation when placing an order.

2.5. Pickup method

  • After the production of the goods is completed, our shop will contact you to pick up the goods. The store can temporarily store the goods for 1 week. If you need to delay the pick-up time, the store needs to charge a storage fee.

  • The store provides self-pickup and delivery services in stores, and customers can decide how to pick up the goods by themselves. The delivery rules are as follows:

    • Store pick-up: You can make an appointment to pick up the goods at our store (Xin Pogang office). The store provides on-site testing of the goods. If the goods are damaged, the store will arrange follow-up matters on the spot.

    • SF Express: Generally used for small commodities. Our shop will hand over to SF Express to be responsible for packaging, and the shipping fee is determined by the volume of the product and the receiving address. It is recommended that you check immediately after receiving the goods. If there is any damage caused by transportation, you can take pictures and negotiate with SF Express.

    • Lalamove/GOGOX instant delivery: Generally used as a small product. Our shop will make an appointment with you for the delivery time, and the delivery person will deliver it immediately after picking it up. The shipping fee is determined by the receiving address.

    • Lalamove/GOGOX truck delivery: generally used for large commodities, bulk commodities and fragile commodities. Our shop will make an appointment with you for the delivery time. The truck driver will deliver the item immediately after picking it up. The freight is determined by the volume of the product and the receiving address. (Note: If the driver is required to deliver to the door, additional costs may be incurred.)

  • If the goods are damaged, delayed or lost during transportation, our store will not be responsible. You need to understand and accept the possibility of this situation when deciding how to pick up the goods.

  • If your single order amount is HK$5,000 or more, our shop will provide a one-time free shipping discount in Hong Kong. (Note: This shop only provides free shipping discounts. Additional costs incurred due to other reasons must be paid by you, such as: delivery fees for truck drivers, parking lot fees, etc.)

  • If the amount of your single order is less than HK$5,000, you will be required to pay the shipping cost separately. When you receive the shipment, you will directly give the delivery cost to the delivery person, and the store will not charge any additional fees.

2.6. Care and maintenance

  • This shop provides a 6-month maintenance for the goods. If you need to increase the maintenance time, this shop will charge an additional fee.

  • You need to install the goods and accessories correctly according to the products and accessories provided by our store. If you connect other adapters or wires during the installation process, the maintenance will be invalid. (According to the adapter must be used during installation, otherwise the store will not be responsible for short circuits or accidents.)

  • The maintenance only covers the products installed and maintained according to the instructions provided by the store, and does not make any guarantee for any products installed or maintained in other ways outside the store.

  • The following issues are not covered by the maintenance: defects or malfunctions caused by the goods during transportation or due to alteration, misuse, negligence, accidents, theft, poor maintenance, man-made damage or other actions, or failure to take adequate measures to prevent water, chemical Damaged by materials, or other substances.

  • If the product is faulty, our shop will repair or replace the product. If the store determines that the product cannot be repaired or is no longer available, the store will provide replacement products with similar effects and value.

  • Our store is committed to providing the best quality products. If the products are worn or exhausted due to long-term use and wear, our store will not replace or return any commercial items.

3. The rights of this shop:

  • If our shop fails to accurately provide your information due to force majeure reasons (including due to natural disasters, fires, floods, accidents, riots, wars, government policies, embargoes, strikes, labor difficulties, equipment failures or any situation beyond our control) The store will not assume any responsibility to the user or any third party for the goods or services required.

  • This shop is not responsible for any loss of income, profit, goodwill or indirect loss caused by your purchase of goods from this shop. This shop is not responsible for any losses caused by third-party claims caused by the use of goods or services purchased from this shop. We are not responsible for any false statements. Our shop is not responsible for all losses not specifically mentioned here, as well as health problems caused by the use of the goods provided to you by this shop.

  • The shop reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at its absolute discretion.

  • In case of any disputes, our shop reserves the right to make the final decision.

2.2. 訂單
2. 訂購及付款
2.5. 取貨方式
3. 本店權利
2.4. 商品品質
2.1. 報價
1. 一般條款
2.3. 購買商品
2.6. 保養及維護
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