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Rohto Hong Kong@Advertising Neon Sign Decoration

This time I am very happy to produce LED neon signs for Rohto Hong Kong's advertising. The advertising content is very creative, and the actors Fat Chang and Ah Zheng have vivid expressions and are very attractive.

✜ More LED neon sign information:

The following pictures are taken from Youtube "[One drop of super awakening spirit, anything is possible!" 】Rohto Z! Cool anti-fatigue eye drops》:

Amazing Neon HK Hong Kong neon sign store

🔸Customized neon sign: tailor-made design + professional production

🔹Welcome to contact us to customize your exclusive neon sign!

Contact us:

🔸FB: AmazingNeon

🔹IG: AmazingNeonHK

🔸Tel/ Whatsapp: 6360 4507 / or the following link


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